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NYTE collects personal data in the ways listed below:

1. Customers, talents provide personal data to NYTE

  • Customers provide records or fill out registration forms (Name, contact information and other identifying information as necessary);

  • Provide information to assess talents' eligibility to provide NYTE services (Name, contact information, licensure);

  • Interact with NYTE on the web (representational image, any other public data);

  • Participate in contests or events organized by NYTE (photos, audio or video that talents submit to NYTE);

  • Verify identity through various means.

2. When NYTE services are used

  • Personal data that will be collected through the use of the service or through the use of the website:

  • Transaction information, payment methods;

  • Feedback, ratings and praise;

  • Information about how customers interact with NYTE through the website;

  • Device information, transmission data;

  • Personal data provided by the customer via email.

3. From other sources

  • NYTE may collect personal data, including but not limited to name, contact information and other identifying information, from other sources as necessary. These sources include:

  • From referral programs;

  • From NYTE's business partners;

  • From insurance and financial providers;

  • Publicly available data sources or government data sources;

  • Supplier or marketing partner.


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