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1. Stay Safe And Follow The Law

  • Assault, harassment or abusive behavior of any kind is not acceptable. The following acts are considered illegal: causing bodily harm, verbal harassment, harassment sex, rape, murder, kidnapping, threats.

  • Customers may not attempt to contact talents after the incident, if clients wish to contact talents please contact NYTE.

  • Comply with the law, do not require or force talents to perform illegal acts. Customers are fully responsible before the law for the above behavior in this case.

  • Theft or vandalism of talent will not be tolerated. Customers are responsible before the law in case of any theft, robbery, destruction of property or harm to talents.

  • Do not use stimulants. If talents suspect an unsafe work environment, subject to drug or illegal substance use, talents have the right to refuse to work and stop performing immediately.

2. Respect talents

  • Always be on time and stay in touch with talents. Provide accurate information for talents to contact and be at the venue on time.

  • Always be polite and respectful to each other. Always be polite and respectful to talents throughout the course of events, helping talents complete their work in the best way.

  • Please rate and submit honest feedback on how talents work for NYTE after each event.

  • In the event of an emergency, the show has an unexpected incident or accident, the customer should first contact the authorities to report it. Once the parties are safe and the authorities have recorded the incident, customers need to contact NYTE to report the incident.

3. Be a good customer of NYTE

  • Comply with NYTE's terms of use. NYTE will continuously update its terms of use to provide the most perfect customer experience.

  • Use NYTE's services in accordance with the needs and purposes registered with NYTE.

  • Check the payment method and order value before paying NYTE, notify NYTE immediately when an error occurs.

  • Customers are responsible for the information provided to NYTE. Commitment to non-transferable or commercial purposes with the services provided by NYTE.


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