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Nyteshift - the perfect nightlife booking solution

6 June 2023, HCMC,

Recognizing the market demand and to enhance the experience of nightlife consumers, NYTE Service Solutions Co., Ltd. has just launched - an online marketplace platform. An online job hub for the nightlife industry. Nyteshift will be a place to connect talents in the night industry (DJs, bartenders, singers, bands, performers...) with potential customers (bars, clubs, eateries, companies, individuals) ,... when needed (events, corporate or personal parties, ...).


Nyteshift promises to be a place where customers can freely choose any talent for their party at a reasonable, transparent price. Customers can book talent not only in Vietnam but also from other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore,...

With customer satisfaction as the top priority, Nyteshift's customer care team will quickly assist customers from booking the service, preparing for the party, organizing until the service's end, and putting the customer experience first. Nyteshift also has measures to ensure customer benefits such as payment guarantees, service or talent screening, clear processes and policies, etc.


For talents, unlike traditional models, Nyteshift will not directly manage talents, but will still ensure the safety of interests and extra income sources. Nyteshift welcomes all applications of talents from any nightlife-related profession such as DJs, Bartenders, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, and even Magicians!... If there's an interest, you will get a chance to get an appointment and develop your talent!

This platform will also be a place where talents can register and promote their brand development, finding potential customers that match the talent's development. To register, you can contact Nyteshift customer service at (+84) 093 180 7436.


Nightlife is a relatively new industry in Vietnam that is often viewed as negative and evil by most of society. Nyteshift hopes that with its appearance, it will create a civilized and modern nightlife environment to eliminate previous prejudices against this industry.

With the ultimate goal of developing Vietnam's nightlife industry in particular and Southeast Asia in general, Nyteshift will launch the World Talents service, where customers can book services of international talents at a discounted price. completely competitive. Keep an eye on to see which talents are gearing up to partner with Nyteshift.

In the coming period, Nyteshift will continue to complete the online booking platform and introduce additional services. In the third quarter of 2023, Nyteshift will launch a mobile app version to complete a Nightlife ecosystem.

Nyteshift ( is an online service platform based on the marketplace model developed by NYTE SERVICE SOLUTIONS CO., LTD. Nyteshift is a place to connect work for individuals working at night such as Bartenders, DJs, Performers,… with restaurants, bars, pubs, companies or individuals wishing to organize shows, private events or parties.

TP.HCM, 05 June, 2023

Nyte Service Solution Co. Ltd

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