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Vien Du

ASMR Co-Owner
-Top 4 World class bartender Vietnam 2016.
-Bartender of the year by Monin 2018
-Campari Vietnam Bartender Competition Champion 2018
Work places:
-Urban kitchen & bar ( 2015)
-Glow sky bar (2017)
-Guru Group (2018)
-Flex33 (2021-now)
-Takeover&Co (2021-now)
Starting from a food runner 9 years ago, I learnt how to take everything with patience, and do everything from the smallest job.
Born & raised in Saigon, Vietnam. So everything is always in rush hour. Sometimes, the smallest things you do make a difference.
About cocktails today, I focus on minimum wasted, sustainable & simple cocktails.
People when they go out, they want to enjoy themselves, so don’t try to trick or educate. Just be what you are, entertain & give them what they want.

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